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We are Tavahome Design & Constructions. And we have been creating happy communities since 1980.

Under the maximal practical knowledge in architectural theorems by research’s and experiments, my effort is to plan and construct a pleasant house for you timely, fulfil your aspiration and satisfy your desires.

Some Of the Our Sweet Houses

Our experienced team, knowledge of products, product systems and their appropriate use allows us to deliver cost efficiencies to our clients. We use the latest technology and products available to build commercial space that’s economical, efficient, easy to maintain and long-lasting.

       My effort is to construct your house as a 3D creation, using my architectural experiences unhesitatingly without ceasing, follow out the traditional customs and rituals. After made an inspection to the plot we prepare a plan relevant your necessities and aspirations and deliver a convenient home.

Our Philosophy

At Tavahome Design & Constructions our philosophy is simple – to provide you with a creative, cost effective solution to your lifestyle and space needs, while guaranteeing the highest level of quality and service, to make sure your dream is a reality.

My main intention is to protect the antiqueness as well as modernity. To accompany your necessities perfectly with the architectural maxims is my effort .all the constructions will be proceeded under my supervision.

Our institution is included of engineers, technical officers and experienced technicians and possessed of warranted structural engineer and electrical engineer. These professionals allow to fulfil your fortunate dream of a graceful home.

Our team of skilled professionals are focused on delivering the results you deserve with no excuses and no delay. We welcome you to speak to our friendly staff about building the right home for you.


For an architecture ( vaastu ) it is not an adequate definition, to locate important parts of a house relevant four or eight directions.it is only a tiny but valuable section of architecture. Your plan should be appropriated to the money amount you have got, to the land situation, to the necessities, to the environment, to the road, to the status, to the border on buildings and other natures.

       After picked and chose a plot, use money’s worth standardized materials with faith, then construct the house under yours and mine supervision and finish successfully.so then you will be lucky to own a graceful home with prosperity, unity and peace.

My effort and delight are them